How to travel with your pet

If you’re anything like me, you won’t be able to enjoy your holiday as much without your furry friend tagging along for the ride. Therefore, when it comes to taking breaks from the real world and doing some exploring, your pet can be the first thing you think about.

Sending your beloved pet to a kennel can be costly and worrying for any owner and it isn’t always possible to get friends or family to step in. This is exactly why more and more people are looking to take trips that are animal friendly too.

However, it is important that you appreciate that travel can be stressful for some animals. Here are a few tips to help you ensure that your journey is safe and stress free.

Preparation is key

Pet TravelingA great way to make sure that your journey goes smoothly is to prepare in advance. This can be as simple as taking your pet on short journeys every day to get them used to being in the car and comfortable with their designated area in the back.

As well as preparing your pet for the journey mentally you should also prepare everything that you will need to take for them. You don’t want to forget something important like their favourite toy so make sure you abide to a check list.

Take a look at the pet friendly check list we have provided for safe travel.

Blow off some steam

It’s a great idea to take your dog for a long walk just before the journey so they can burn off some energy which will help them to relax in the car.

It is also preferable to feed your dog a couple of hours in advance as they are known to suffer from motion sickness. Try not to feed them during the trip either unless you are stopping for an extended break.

Necessary safety precautions

Yours and your dog’s safety is paramount during the trip so don’t cut any corners.

Your dog should be secure in a cage with no loose objects such as leads that could be a potential choking hazard.

Beach Dog

Many people think that a cage is cruel for their pet but this is a common misconception that you need to see past. Dogs have no predetermined views on cages and most actually feel safer in them. Also, they are the safest way for a dog to travel as they will be less distracting for the driver and it will absorb any impact if you are required to break hard.

Simply line the cage with your pet’s favourite blanket and add some toys to make them feel at home.

Take regular breaks

If your journey is a long one it is crucial that you take regular breaks where you can let your dog out of the car. It is a good idea to have a walk or a play with your dog so they can release any pent up energy from the drive.

Alternative transport

If you’re moving abroad and need to take your pet on the plane then you need to do a lot of pet travel planning.

Take your pet to the vets in advance and discuss the options you have. It is advisable not to use tranquilisers on your pet as it can interrupt their breathing pattern.

Also try to ensure that your flight is direct as this will minimise the risk of your pet being subject to excessive heat during change over’s.

Choose the right destination

After all the travelling it is so important for your trip that you are staying in the right place.

You need somewhere that your pet will be happy with plenty of places for them to explore for exercise.

Come and join us at our dog friendly hotel in Northumberland for a great way to wind down after your long journey and treat your four-legged friend to the beautiful terrain of Northumberland for a holiday they’ll never forget.

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