Top Northumberland Attractions

Northumberland has become one of the best places in the whole of the UK to visit in the last few years and this is down to the plethora of activities that are available here. As a county Northumberland is packed full of fascinating history, incredible scenery and inspiring castles.

The list of things to do in Northumberland is endless and what’s more the wide range of activities available makes it a great place to visit for the whole family. Whether you want a challenging walk through some rugged nature or a peaceful stroll through some of the world’s prettiest gardens or maybe you’re interested in discovering all about the bloody battles that took place in this fascinating county. Here are some of the best places to visit in Northumberland this year.

Alnwick Castle

If you’re planning a holiday when the weather gets a little better I would strongly recommend that you take a trip to Alnwick Castle and Gardens which is an absolutely magical place.

Alnwick Castle offers tours of this awe-inspiring building that was featured in the making of the Harry Potter films as Hogwarts. You can wander round the corridors where you watched Harry, Ron and Hermione grow throughout their time at Hogwarts.

Once you’ve joined in some of the activities at the castle you can wander over to Alnwick Gardens where there is so much beauty on offer. The water features are a personal favourite and in the summer the kids will love to get drenched on your family day out.Alnwick Castle Attractions

Farne Islands

Farne Island Northumberland AttractionOne of the best places to visit in Northumberland if you’re interested in wildlife has to be the amazing Farne Islands. The Farne Islands are a group of islands off the coast of Northumberland which are protected by the National Trust. The islands are the home of hundreds of thousands of birds and they are a great place to go and visit on one of the boat trips. The Puffin is the most loved of all of the wildlife there die to their colourful and unique beaks and you can see thousands of them on the Farne Islands. To find out more about other bird watching Northumberland has to offer, head over to our bird watching attractions page.

If you’re lucky you will also see the Grey Seals that congregate on and around these islands which is a real treat for any nature lovers.

Hadrian’s Wall

If you fancy seeing some wonderful history and enjoying a hike through some truly incredible scenery then you have to walk Hadrian’s Wall. There are plenty of points at which you can join the wall to ensure you see all of the best bits or you can walk the whole thing to get the very best experience of this marvellous place.Hadrians Wall

Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle AttractionsOne place in Northumberland that I feel everyone must visit at least once is Bamburgh Castle. This castle in Northumberland is a very special one as it looks so spectacular sitting on a hill that looks like a throne. The tour is really amazing and the surrounding area and town of Bamburgh are beautiful.

Once you’ve explored the castle you can either head into the town for some of the best fish and chips you are likely to have anywhere or alternatively you can make your way down to the beautiful sand dunes that wall the crisp yellow sands below. Bamburgh beach is an incredible one in the summer and it’s also a great place to take your four-legged-friend throughout the winter months. If you like castles then check out Northumberland’s finest by heading over to our Local Area Attractions.


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