Get a Chill at Chillingham Castle

Come and stay in our warm and welcoming hotel at Warkworth House and experience a side of Northumberland that you never imagined existed. This county is full of exceptional scenery and history that is well worth exploring. One place in Northumberland which is a must see is the amazing Chillingham Castle which was awarded first place in the “Independent On Sunday’s” top 50 castles in Europe which tells you how special of a place it is to visit.


The Castle

Chillingham Castle was built in the twelfth century as a stronghold and was famously the base camp for King Edward 1st in his attack and conquering of William Wallace. The castle then went on to bolster its defence by adding battlements in 1344 which can still be observed today.

On your visit to Chillingham Castle you will be intrigued by what can be seen. There are regular tours that you can take advantage of to learn more about this castle and the wonderful team there will make your exploration come alive. Take a look at the beautiful Great Hall and see how the occupants would have dined all those years ago.

Wander through the corridors of these amazing walls and learn more about this famous castle including its involvement in film and TV! If you’re brave enough, venture down to the Dungeon and Torture Chamber for a chilling surprise. The Dungeon walls still contain the scratch marks from inmates feeling the need to keep track of their sanity. One element of the castle that is loved by all that visit (except the faint of heart) is the Torture Chamber which shows some of the torture techniques used with its stretching rack, cages, bed of nails and spiked chair.

Whilst you’re here why not book up for one of Chillingham Castle’s famous Ghost Tours… if you’re brave enough.


Explore the grounds

As well as a vastly interesting indoor experience at Chillingham Castle, there is also some must see scenery surrounding the building. The Italian Garden offers some breathtaking nature and so too does the rest of the grounds which contain some special trees and flowers as well as lakes and a tranquil woodland walk. The lake is a very peaceful place to be and a great spot to sit and relax in the summer.

If you’re lucky you might be able to witness some wildlife such as, Deer, squirrels, birds, foxes and badgers. If you’re really lucky you may even catch a glimpse of the well known famous Wild Cattle which are incredibly special here because they are the only Wild Cattle in the whole of the world, making them rarer than the much loved Panda.

So Come and stay in our luxury hotel and spend the day exploring the amazing Chillingham Castle, which is just over thirty minutes down the road, before returning to your lovely room for a great night sleep.

Find below a video of Chillingham Castle from above:

– Video by 360 Aerial Imagery

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