Alnwick Gardens

Summer has finally arrived and if you’re looking for a short getaway in the UK this year then Northumberland is the place for you. This county has an amazing story to tell and the scenery is to die for. One place that we would recommend to everyone is Alnwick Gardens. You won’t see anything quite as exceptional as the grounds here and you’re bound to fall in love.

Alnwick Gardens

The grounds

People come from all over the world to this the incredible grounds that Alnwick Gardens offer. These grounds cover the vast land that surrounds Alnwick Castle and they have been designed over many years to become so stunning today. On visiting these gardens you feel as though you have stepped into a page of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland or Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden because it is a truly enchanting place.

You have the Ornamental Garden which is array with life. Here you will see the structured planting pattern that works so well in this beautiful space. At the heart of this garden is a pool of water that runs through streams to many side fountains that offer a great place to relax in the tranquillity of the garden. In this garden you will see some fascinating species of plant including bedding roses and delphiniums.

There is a popular Rose Garden, which is full of roses, honeysuckle and Clematis. This garden is well known for the amazing scent that the roses give off.

Then you have the Cherry Orchard which consists of over 300 Tai Haku cherry trees which look absolutely magnificent in spring and summer where they become a beautiful sea of white.

If you get time you should definitely take the tour of the Poison Garden which is great fun for all the family and pretty educational too. You might even find out how to poison someone with just a couple of seeds… This talk is very interesting and the kids will be fascinated to know that certain plants can be deadly. Just be sure not to touch any of the deadly residents.

If you like to take long walks through the wilderness of nature then the Woodland Walk is ideal for you. Walk through the shadows of the fantastical trees whilst listening to the calming flow of the River Aln.

Wet Wet Wet

Water is a crucial part of the attractions at Alnwick Gardens and you will look on in awe at the incredible Grand Cascade which is an extraordinary combination of waterfalls and fountains. The Grand Cascade produces magical displays frequently throughout the day and the children will love to test their agility as they sprint under the fountain to avoid getting soaked.

If you can manage to drag yourselves away from the amazing Grand Cascade you can move on to the Serpent Garden where you follow the holly as it winds until you reach one of its many water sculptures that are hidden within. These again are great fun for the kids who can cool off after all the excitement that the garden has to offer.

The Treehouse

One of the most magnificent features at Alnwick Gardens is the giant treehouse that offers so much excitement. You can walk along the wobbly rope bridges and even eat at the amazing restaurant at the centre of the treehouse.

If you fancy an amazing day out that you will never forget you should visit Alnwick Gardens. You can spend the day exploring the maze and the other exciting activities which are endless. If you need a place to stay Warkworth House Hotel is a great option and is only a 13 minute drive up the road.

Alnwick Gardens Treehouse

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